When you are on the verge of losing weight, you will be looking for a diet program. In any type of diet program, as you know, you should be ready to follow a regimen. It holds true in the case of keto diet as well. Most people, who have taken this diet say that it is a journey on its own. Of course, like any other journey, you will have to face challenges and triumphs. Climbing up the hierarchy in this diet program is simple. But, I cannot say it is easy. You should have the dedication for sure.

If you are new to a ketogenic diet, you might be interested in knowing where to start. Also, you wish to learn what to do next. If you have tried it a bit, you might want to know where you are in the hierarchy. If you are a veteran, you already know many things about this diet. Irrespective of whether you are new or experienced, it is time to take a step back. Yes, you should know where you stand on the journey. Then, you should take your next step forward.

Stages of keto diet:

You might have a basic knowledge of what is keto diet. Yes, you are right, it is a low carb – high-fat diet. But, do you know that to achieve your desired results, you will have to get through different stages? Yes, experts state that there are 5 stages in this diet. You will have to get through these steps to succeed.

  1. Motivation Stage
  2. Knowledge Stage
  3. Preparation Stage
  4. Execution Stage
  5. Testing Stage
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In all these stages, one thing will be common. Yes, they are mistakes and corrections. As humans, we tend to make mistakes. But, you should correct them to get the desired results. Progress and benefits are also common in all 5 stages. Here is a pictorial representation of the stages:

Motivation Stage: You know motivation is important to bring success to any endeavor. The motivation alone will bring the fire in you to take any steps to achieve your goal. So, first decide why you wish to take up Ketosis Diet. This decision will keep you pushing when your head tells you to slack. Here, you should identify your goal as well. For instance, think about whether you wish to achieve weight loss. Even, your goal might be to keep yourself energized. Also, think of how this diet will help.

Knowledge stage: Now, you have decided that keto is going to be your companion. So, it is time to gather as much information as possible about this diet program. Thanks to the web, there is a lot of information to help people like you. Learn about ketosis, ketones, acetoacetate, net carbs. Also, learn about what to eat and what not to eat and then move on to the preparation stage.

Preparation stage: Now, you have gathered complete information about the diet program. It is time for you to make the appropriate preparations. Make sure that the foods to avoid are not available handy in your home. Also, fill up your refrigerator with the foods that are ideal to consume. You should remember a quote here “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. So, prepare yourself first before you get into the diet program. Gather your resources like notepad, spreadsheet or any other convenient option. They will help you frame the right plan. Here, you will have to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the groceries I need?
  • What are the supplements I should keep ready in my home?
  • What snacks should have on the deck?
  • What are the items needed for preparing a meal as per the right ketogenic recipes?
  • How am I going to test my ketone levels?

Execution Stage: Once, you have prepared everything, now it is time to execute. In this stage, you should be prepared both physically and mentally. Only then, you can handle the common issues you might face in the transition to the diet. Of course, you might face some initial constraints. But, you should never give up. With the right intends, nothing should stop you from the execution.

Testing Stage: Testing is the only method to identify whether you are on the right path. Some people have a hard time to get into testing phase. You will have to test your ketone levels. This is the only way to identify whether you are on the right path. Do not stress yourself. You can still make some changes if you are not in the path. Take the test with confidence. If you are in ketosis, it is great. If you are not, it is even great. Yes, the latter brings the chance to understand your mistakes. In turn, you can make the appropriate corrections.

How about Mistakes and corrections?

Errors, modifications, pivots, rectifications, whatever you may call them. They are the vehicles to your success. They will help you move up in the stage of ketogenic hierarchy. Even, they are also vehicles to the break through plateaus. They will also help you achieve new performance levels. Of course, it is true that changing habits is tough. But, do it with fun and you will easily get through. Test whether you are taking the suggested carbs in minimal. Also, test whether your protein intake is around 20%, while your fat intake should be high. If you find that some adjustments are to be done here, you should be ready to do. To identify your mistakes, you will have to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • How do I feel?
  • Am I in ketosis?
  • Am I on track to reach my goal?
  • Are cheat meals prevents my body from getting into ketosis?
  • Should I reduce my protein consumption or carb intake?

Final thoughts:

When you are starting the diet, you are your own director. So, be ready to identify the mistakes and accept it. Only then, you can make corrections and get back on track. It will help you even if you are out of track. We also recommend looking into CBD oils since these can help when undertaking a Keto Diet. We suggest reading HerbMighty’s best CBD oil reviews.